doterra wellness advocateIf you’ve ever thought of becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, either the oils are speaking to you, or you simply think it’s a good idea.  Here are 10 reasons why being a doTERRA Wellness Advocate could be the best decision you’ve ever made:

  1.  Using Essential Oils is a positive, healthy habit. Imagine, every day you are reaching for an oil that uplifts, assists the immune system* and brings more harmony into your life.  What could be more positive than that?
  2. Being part of something so positive is life affirming and joyful. Too often we are being bombarded with negative news and messages. Because essential oils are nature’s gift of the earth (literal meaning of doTERRA), we are benefiting in ways that affirm our desire to live fully. The oils bring us joy through aroma but also in our effort to share.
  3. You can help others enjoy a healthy lifestyle. It takes some people a while to catch on to healthy living. They might be dealing with an issue you can help them with and that could turn them onto eating better, taking supplements, drinking more water, getting more exercise and rest and finding more joy in life. You will be leaving an imprint on someone’s life that is positive and long-lasting.
  4. You are building towards a bright and fulfilling future and career. Network marketing has a lot of benefits, mainly calling your own shots and a life of freedom. You will be immersed in personal and skill development that can only enhance your marketability in the workplace.
  5. Create a residual income – otherwise known as “Brilliant Compensation” coined by Network Marketing Guru Tim Sales.  You can only get residual income three ways:  1) Being a famous rock star, movie or tv actor who gets paid residual checks on work they do one time.  2) Good investments that return an interest rate over time giving you dividend checks.  Your money works for you!  3) Build a network marketing business and watch your checks come even when you have to take time off for personal or medical reasons.
  6. This is a personal development program with a paycheck. The more you learn about yourself and others, the better you will become at designing your dream life. Give yourself the gift of self-knowledge and your confidence will soar. You will become unstoppable.
  7. doTERRA has a 65% Customer Retention Rate!  That’s an incredible number.  This means that the majority of our customers are not only happy, but continue to use our products over and over again because they are excellent!
  8. Inspire and lead others to become a better version of themselves. One of your tasks as a business builder is to help others achieve what they want. In fact, you cannot succeed in this business if you do not help others succeed. This means at some point in your business, you will have to become a leader and I’ll bet there are huge leadership genes in your brain! If you don’t feel like a leader now, do not worry…you will develop into one during your success climb.
  9. This is a No-Hype, product oriented business. I have been to a few conventions and at the doTERRA conventions, there is no hype whatsoever.  No talk about big expensive cars and houses or how great people live with their new-found freedom. Nope…the company talks about science and where the oils are sourced and how the body systems work.  It is a product and customer focused business and that’s what people love about us.
  10. Sharing is caring. Making a difference is good and rewarding. You can make a HUGE difference in the lives of the people you know now and the people you will get to know because of your passion for essential oils and people. Put the two together, and you have a recipe for personal and professional success.

Not to mention that doTERRA essential oils are 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and pass numerous third party tests before being released into the market place.  You would be representing the best on the market and can take pride in offering such high quality products to your customers.

Another positive is working alongside other like-minded people who are fun and interesting. You will make new friends and have some of them for life! It is a life-changing, life affirming, life enhancing business. Also, everyone needs essential oils in their life – many just don’t know it yet. You can be the one who helps others understand the value of aromatherapy and get paid to do it.

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