It all started with a suggestion.

doterra cinnamon essential oilI have been teaching yoga for a long time and several years ago, a fellow yoga teacher suggested I try dōTERRA essential oils. Since I was interested in learning, we met for a glass of wine and she shared some of her oils with me. It wasn’t a formal presentation; rather just dinner, wine and smelling some oils. It was the Cinnamon that blew me away. That’s right! My friend was sharing some of her oils with me and I was thinking, “these are cool, but I really don’t know much about them.”  But then, she brought out the Cinnamon.  I put a drop under my tongue and was like, “WOW!”.

Honestly, I was a bit skeptical, so I sat on the idea for a few days trying to decide if I wanted to invest in a kit of oils and you know, TAKE the PLUNGE!  Well, I did buy a kit and I started using the oils and Cinnamon was not in the kit, so I had to put that on my wish list for the next month. My family and I began experimenting with the oils and I have to say I saw evidence of the therapeutic benefits of the oils right away.  Since they were having such a positive effect on my life, I decided to make the oils my new hobby. I went to every training that my friend held at her home so I could learn more about these powerful liquid angels.  Pretty soon I was buying so many oils that I thought, “Maybe I should try to sell some so I can recoup this money that I’m spending.”  With that, I scheduled my first class and several of my friends came over, intrigued and excited.  Three of my guests bought kits that night and it made me realize that there was definitely a market for these oils.  It took me a long time to get serious about the business, but eventually, I became really committed to sharing the oils in an effort to “spread the good news” but also share what became another passion of mine.

Yoga Massage Aromatherapy SavasanaAs a yoga teacher, I also began to share the oils with my students before, during and at the end of class during Savasana. I found that they just melted with the aroma being hovered over their face. Soon I was doing yoga workshops incorporating aromatherapy with yoga therapy and the two have gone hand in hand very well.  I’ve taught workshops on Balancing the Chakras with essential oils, Emotional Freedom with Psycho-Education, Yoga and Aromatherapy and most recently, Yoga/Gong Meditation/Aromatherapy among many others.

I also wrote an e-book on The Hidden Powers of Yoga and Aromatherapy.

Now, my days are full of teaching yoga, educating on aromatherapy and helping other people develop their skills in business with essential oils and other mind/body businesses.

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