doTERRA Home Essentials KitBest Starter Kit Ever!

It’s my opinion that when you invest in essential oils, you have to invest in two other things to really experience the oils in the best way. The first is a diffuser, so you can diffuse the oils in your home or office.

The second is a book called “Modern Essentials” which is the “Bible” of essential oil education and usage. The doTERRA Home Essentials Kit features 10 (15ml bottle) oils AND a Petal Diffuser which makes your initial investment almost complete! Then, you head over to and get your copy of “Modern Essentials” which they will mail right to you!

This kit is $275 and includes a FREE Wholesale Membership. I think it’s the best way to go – unless you want a bigger kit!  Here is a list of all the available kits and collections:

Another option for the more budge-conscious would be the Family Essentials Kit. This kit is very similar to the Home Essentials Kit, it just has smaller bottles and no diffuser.

Not all essential oils are created equal. To learn more about 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, CLICK HERE or fill out the form below:



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