5 Reasons to Read “Find the Talent Within You & Sell It!”

Find_the_talent_within_youDiscover Your Bliss Business!

Have you ever wondered how to build a business on the internet that will be enjoyable, profitable and manageable?  Are you intrigued by the online business world, but not sure what you would sell?

If so, you are among thousands if not millions of people who have an entrepreneurial spirit but maybe aren’t sure how to go about making your dream happen.

One resource you’ll want to start with is DeAnna Kennedy, a business expert and online sales mentor who can help you identify your “Authentic Core Talent” and inspire you to take the necessary steps to fulfill your dream potential and make money online.  

DeAnna recently wrote a book titled, “Find the Talent Within You & Sell It! – Turn Your Talent and Experience Into Cash!”. In her brief but power-packed book, she gives you the steps to building your BLISS Business. In fact, there are 10 steps she teaches that will allow you to:

discover your core talents
develop your unique identity
tell your story
become an expert
create your platform

and much more!

There are at least 5 reasons to get this book now:

1) DeAnna is a rare, intelligent and heart-centered person who has your best interests as her motivation. She is sharing her talents after years of honing her skills and passing them on to future generations so they can experience the same joy of creating, building and being successful. This is so fulfilling for her because it’s the natural progression of life – to pass down what you know as part of your continuing growth and development. DeAnna hasn’t stopped growing and learning and now she is serving a greater community who really needs her expertise!

2) Because she has experienced business from the core talent side AND having to do things that are counter-intuitive, she can see the benefit of going with the “path of least resistance”. This means that she will help you hone in on what you enjoy and are already good at so you don’t spin your wheels doing things you aren’t good at. Many people venture into businesses that don’t align with their personality or their passions; therefore, they find it difficult to be in the “zone”. Being in the zone means that your work is more like play – you love it so much, you can’t do anything else. Also, it means that you find meaning and fulfillment in almost every minute of your “work”.

3) Because of her extensive retail experience, DeAnna knows how to make a store look enticing – where people want to walk in and browse around. But she knows much more than that. Just because someone walks into your store, doesn’t mean they will buy. You will need to learn the steps to building a relationship with your potential customers and make sure they enjoy every step of your “marketing” process. You have to have a servants heart – and DeAnna will teach you how to go beyond just capturing emails and having a list of prospects for your business.  She will give you step-by-step guidelines and teach you how to build customer loyalty.

4) DeAnna is FULL of creative ideas. Just reading her book will give you lots of information for marketing your business. In this book she will guide you into becoming a “thought generator” and “thought leader”, drawing from your own experience.  She will also teach you how to find your story and “emotionally charge it to trump all other marketing pieces.” She’ll teach you how to convert information seekers into hot shoppers and how to make the most of your copywriting skills. She intelligently gives you “12 Terms You Should Be Familiar with to Get the Most from Your Email List or Customer Database”. This section alone is invaluable for someone serious about building an internet business.

5) I LOVE how DeAnna uses her own quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Almost every other author uses other people’s quotes. This is a testimony to the creativity and bold confidence that she has within her. The cool thing is that she REALLY believes YOU have that same creativity and confidence. She knows you have it because she has seen it over and over again. You will see what I mean as you read the stories she shares of other people she has helped. Here is one of my favorite quotes – right at the beginning of the book:  

“Find what sparks a light in you, and you will illuminate the world.”

DeAnna is one of my mentors and is responsible for helping me develop my brand and expertise as a mind/body coach and self-care strategist for the insanely busy woman. What I enjoy about her is the enthusiasm she has for other people’s talents and ideas and she is so good at helping you identify your own gifts. Do not pass up this book!  If you have any interest in building an online presence, this is a must-read!

Order your copy today on Amazon! 


You can also find DeAnna at www.theonlinestorefront.com


Reflections on 30 Years of Marriage

Reflections on 30 Years of Marriage

My husband and I just celebrated our 30 year wedding anniversary and I felt this was worth sharing.  Here’s our story:

spin-the-bottle-gameWe met playing spin-the-bottle in junior high school at a friend’s house whose parents weren’t home.  Jim and I kissed on that day and it would become a memory locked in our minds and hearts that we’ve laughed about often.  I had braces; Jim smoked cigarettes.  I was a cheerleader; he hung out with at-risk kids. We were an unlikely pair.
Fast forward to high school when I applied for a job at Walgreens. Since Jim had kissed me once and he thought I was kind of cute, he told the manager to hire me. Once behind the cashier’s counter, our eyes met and we giggled, remembering our awkward past kissing encounter. We became fast friends at Walgreens but because I was dating someone else, we didn’t become romantic for many years.

Circumstances and friendship kept us close and by the time I was 20, I had fallen madly in love. I had actually been engaged to someone else earlier on and to this day I thank God I didn’t get married then. My best friend was still available and we finally decided to become a couple. That was back in 1978.

We dated for a long time. Eight years! So as we are celebrating our marriage of 30 years, it’s really like almost 40!  Anyway, dating was fun and while we got to know each other over the years, we continued to get an education and prepare for the future that would become fulfilling for both of us.

Two kids, some birds, a hamster, guinea pig and dog have rounded out our family. 

We reared two great kids and still marvel at how fast the time has gone. We so enjoyed every moment of parenting and we miss our little kids. But now we have these fun adult friends and still enjoy them, so it’s all good.

After much consideration, we decided to take a cruise on the Crown Princess to Alaska to celebrate our milestone. We have been having such a great time – eating whatever we want, drinking our favorite drinks and touring some beautiful landscape. 

As always, I suffer from motion sickness, but was aided by these very cool wrist bands. Between those, my Ginger Essential Oil and some sea sickness medication, I’ve done very well. If you are planning a trip, I highly recommend these bands for starters!

I titled this article “Reflections on 30 Years of Marriage” because I wanted to look back and see just how we made it this far. While it hasn’t always been perfect, it sure has been pretty great. Here are my secrets to a long and successful marriage:

Marry your best friend!
Make sure you know each other. Red flags usually appear before the wedding.
Set an intention for a long, happy and successful marriage.
Lower your expectations for perfection.
Give each other s  p  a  c  e.
Spend time together.
Spend time away from each other.
Talk. Stay romantic.
Have your own interests.
Be forgiving.
Control your tongue and wait for wisdom.
Make time for intimacy.
Keep your fire aflame.
Ask for hugs, love, help, affection when you need it.
Be respectful always.
Never stay angry. Work issues out.
Get professional help, if needed.
Put spouse before kids, family, friends, business.
Keep your mind, body and spirit healthy.

I was just reading this book called The Willpower Instinct. Author Kelly McGonigal says that people who practice self control will generally be happier, more successful, have better marriages, etc. Educating yourself on the differences between men and women, relationship tips and other ideas will help to keep your relationship strong. Determine to always stay together for better or worse. I always had the attitude that it was me and him against the world! The world can be tough and it helps to have a partner with whom you can navigate the rough waters of life.

Now, just so you don’t think mine is a fairy tale marriage, let me confess that we have had our share of tough times. We haven’t always agreed and we have had our frustrations; however, we have been open enough to talk about our issues and work them out. Sometimes through compromise; sometimes through screaming! I don’t recommend the screaming part. You can definitely talk things through if you keep your emotions in check and work to have a positive outcome.  

Never stay together if you are being abused or mistreated. There are good reasons to separate – for the health of you and your children – and especially to halt abuse. But also I recognize that some people just make the mistake of marrying the wrong person. If you are incompatable and there’s no joy in the marriage, there’s no point in staying together. I would however, get some counseling before making the decision to divorce. 

Marriage is a partnership and commitment between two individuals. Don’t expect your spouse to make you happy. Find your own happiness! Strong, happy individuals make a great anchor for a healthy and successful marriage. 

Remember that life is short. If you treat each day as if it could be your last, you will leave a legacy of love. This is the most important way to treat your marriage. If you have kids, they will reap the benefits of your commitment.

So that’s it!  Our trip is almost over and we have been enjoying each other as always. Thanks for letting me share some personal stuff with you today.  Have a wonderful weekend!






For a great recipe this weekend:

Spicy and Delicious Green Beans (used witih Ginger EO)

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Self-Care Couple Reveals Secret to Inner Peace and Bliss


You don’t know people until you talk to them.

It has been a blessing to me that Byron and Gwen Holler have been attending my yoga nidra classes for a couple of years.

It wasn’t until recently that we had time to strike up a conversation. I thought it was very cool that this couple would attend yoga nidra regularly. Many students do come often. They discover the very tangible benefits of conscious deep sleep – the ability to “let go” and connect with the healing core of their being. 

Yoga nidra is spiritual, physical and practical. It’s a guided meditation that offers great healing powers. We don’t move. In fact, we remain as still as possible while journeying through the body until we are in the space of “turiya”, what the ancient yogi’s call pure consciousness…fully present, yet in deep rest. There are many positive effects from a yoga nidra practice.  i.e., physical and emotional healing, better awareness, a relaxed and calm disposition, deeper rest and more energy to name a few.

Often after attending yoga nidra, Byron and Gwen will stay for the next class, a level one yoga class designed to engage people in the fundamentals of yoga. It occurred to me that it was kind of special that they would stay for another hour or so to expand their practice and even expend their energy after a nidra session.







One day recently, we started talking. They told me that they not only do yoga often, but also have a massage every other week. Both of them!  Together!  In fact, they’ve been having massage therapy for 20 years. It started as once per month and now they have it every other week. Byron eventually built a couple of massage tables, so they often massage each other on the perfect apparatus.  

When I learned about this serious commitment to self-care, I had to ask them some other questions to see how they had arrived at this point.

Byron and Gwen just celebrated 30 years of marriage. To celebrate, they are going to Italy in October for a yoga retreat.  🙂

It was Gwen who first started a yoga practice and Byron followed several years later. Gwen has scoliosis and from the time she was young, suffered with back problems and a lot of pain. She learned early on that certain physical movements such as exercise were helpful in the management of her pain, so she has always stayed active.

She started practicing yoga 15 years ago at her office and found that it helped her back and gave her some peace. 

Byron had his own health issues.  He has been a house renovator as a master carpenter and master cabinet maker since the early 70s. He suffered a lot of injuries. In addition, he contracted Lymes disease and dealt with chronic fatigue.  Back in the 70s, Byron practiced Transcendental Meditation to cope with some of his issues. It helped him deal with life and gave him peace, but he quit after about eight years.







Slowly but surely, through the practice of yoga, they have adopted a healthier lifestyle. They no longer eat meat – except for fish. Gwen walks three to four miles per day and attends yoga classes four to five times per week.  She is 59-years-old and feels better than ever.

Byron said that yoga nidra, in particular, has been a tremendous help to him. Gwen affirms that when Byron is consistent in his practice, he is calmer, nicer and less reactive. He credits his practice of yoga nidra for getting back to his meditation practice. He feels he’s a better person and can deal with situations in a calm manner. It also helps him to get a deeper night’s rest and let go of worries or concerns. 

He uses a mantra that was given to him back in the 70s by a master meditation guru. He doesn’t know the meaning, but continues to use it and he’s confident it’s assisting him in his spiritual journey.  Since re-igniting his meditation practice, Byron has become keenly aware of certain things like receiving special messages from beyond. He’s a very practical guy, but he also listens to his deepest self to determine what his actions will be. At 65, he is fit as a fiddle!

While most people view massage as a special treat, those who are educated on the subject know that it is more of a therapeutic tool, much like yoga. Gwen and Byron both used to see a chiropracor regulary but don’t anymore. Yoga and massage have been the tools that help keep them pain free. Gwen feels her back “self-adjust” while doing yoga and credits the practice with keeping her back healthy. 

The couple are looking after Gwen’s mother who is older and needs a lot of care. They are motivated to stay well so they can be care givers (in addition to working) and remain healthy and happy as long as possible.










I asked them how they have stayed together for so long.  They both agreed couples need to keep trying. Keep working at it. Gwen’s philosophy is to always be willing to use these three words: Please, Thank you and I’m sorrry.  Byron’s philosophy is to always communicate, compromise and treat people with respect.  

This self-care couple is an inspiration to me. I will be sticking with my yoga and getting more massages for sure!

Monday Mantra – I Practice Softening

Monda_Mantra_SofteningTaking the harshness out of our hearts

What in the world does it mean to practice softening? 

I can only explain this by telling you my experience in a yoga class the other day. Almost any exercise, posture or movement necessarily includes some physical or mental resistance. You could be in a simple pose and feel a tightness. As my teacher was guiding us through postures the other day, she asked us to soften where we feel resistance – in other words – where it was difficult, tight, challening, almost painful. At the same time, we were told to recognize and strengthen the parts that didn’t feel resistance. There’s a dance in yoga when you are listening, following, moving and feeling. At the same time, you are adjusting the postures to get the most out of your experience. So as I was doing something difficult, I was able to re-direct my breath and energy to find some balance in the pose making it less difficult, more enjoyable and beneficial all at the same time. 

So how does this relate to a possible harshness of the heart?  Have you ever lashed out at anyone? Have you had regrets over your impulsiveness to be so reactive? We feel regret because we know harsh words hurt feelings. We know that people don’t always remember what you say but they do remember how you make them feel. Do you ever get so stressed out and anxious that you want to scream? Well, those emotions can fuel a reaction to your situation at the time and unless you are really self-controlled, you can just lose it. Wouldn’t you like to be more in control?

When we practice softening in the body, we are pausing, taking a moment to reflect. We breath a little deeper and feel the tension release from the body. When we practice softening into a place of resistance, then we actually strengthen physical, mental and emotional muscles.  Amazingly, as we begin to feel our own strength and resilience while at the same time softening.  We then experience real balance and the heart’s capacity to love magically grows. And not just for others, but for ourselves as well. 

As you’re sitting and reading this, gently breathe into the heart space (the Anahata  or Heart Chakra). 

For this meditation, lie down on your back with knees bent, feet on the floor. Feel the softness of your belly as it melts toward your spine on your first exhale. Then as you inhale, feel the low belly rise and expand your ribcage. Here you’ll feel a softening of the inner body as it brightens through the breath. Repeat silently to yourself, “I practice softening.”  Notice I don’t recommend that you say “I am soft”.  You are practicing the softening mechanism but at the same time, you’re maintaining strength.  Repeat this mantra over and over again until you can remain in restful awareness of the soft parts of your body. Feel your heart open as you increase your capacity to love bigger and better.

A great companion oil for this meditation is Ylang Ylang. Now, this is not my favorite oil but some people really love it for it’s soft and flowery fragrance. I am more of a Patchouli girl, but I can definitely appreciate that every nose is different. 

Not all oils are created equal. To find the very best 100% Pure Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, fill out the form below and someone will get back to you within 48 hours.  



Monday Mantra – I Am Authentic

Monday Mantra – I Am Authentic

Monday_Mantra_AuthenticYou Are A Unique Child of God

There is no one like you and there will never be another you again. You are one of a kind. You may have much in common with other people, but you have unique characteristics, talents and personality traits. "I Am Authentic" is this Monday's meditation, chosen as a self-care tip for bringing YOU bliss!

Authentic is defined as the real thing. Something genuine or original. Have you asked yourself lately, am I being the best "ME" I can be?  To be your best, most authentic or original self means to act in accordance with your true nature. Some people think of being authentic as being true or trustworthy. One of the best ways we can be true to ourselves is to completely eliminate any comparison of ourselves with others. This is hardest to do in Junior High or High School when everyone is trying to fit in with a group. Sometimes, we totally ignore who we are or what we believe in to be part of a community. It often takes years of making decisions NOT in accordance with our true nature to realize that we are okay just as we are.  But even as we age, the media reminds us that outer beauty and even skill is super important. 

The opposite of authentic is pretense – a pretending or make believe. Also thought of as a false show of something. Insincere is another way to be in-authentic. It's distasteful, untrustworthy and altogether out of alignment with your highest self. 

As we watch instagram photos of yogis doing extraordinary poses as if they were gymnasts, sometimes we might feel unskilled or intimdated. This could lead to a thought like "I'm not flexible enough to do yoga."  And of course, that's pure nonsense!  Acceptance of yourself as yourself with all of your idiosyncracies, "imperfections" and limitations is key to being authentic. You are not alone if you think you're not good enough. Almost everyone thinks of herself or himself as less than somebody else. Only narcissists don't think this way – and that's a different kind of imbalance.

Being self-aware is another component of authenticity. Being aware of yourself as a unique individual with certain strengths, weaknesses and tendencies is a good thing. Recognize that everyone has all of these things. Be in full acceptance, but also allow yourself to grow, change and become more of who you are meant to be. This is a lifelong journey. 

Sit quiet in easy pose…this is on your bottom with one shin in front of the other, hands on your knees. Repeat in your own mind, "I am authentic." Say this on your inhale and again on your exhale. This mantra will remind you to be yourself, in full acceptance of who you are and yet open to growing, changing and becoming the best expression of the divine within you.

Close up of a drop of pine resin 

A great essential oil to pair with this meditation is Frankincense – The Oil of Truth. Take a drop or two in your hands, rub together and inhale just before meditation. Or, place a drop on your third eye and maybe even on the tip of your nose. This oil will calm and inspire you to be true to yourself.

Remember, not all essential oils are created equal. If you want to learn more about 100% Pure, Certified, Therapeutic Grade essential oils, fill out the form below. Someone will contact you within 48 hours.


Monday Mantra – Family First

Family_FirstIt May Seem Like a No-Brainer

Family First.  Maybe it isn't the first thing you would think to meditate on. This idea came to me when we had family come to town for 10 days and life got put "on hold".

We had such a fun time, having drinks and dinner together every night and traveling from one place to another. I'm sure I don't have to tell you what it's like to have family come in town for a week or so…it's just…different.

But it's a great different. It's a time to reconnect with the people you grew up with, where you share a common history and maybe even some of the same interests. And while you're sort of vacationing with your family, you might be tempted to feel guilty about not getting to your chores or concentrating on your  work or business. It's a reasonable temptation, but you have to take everything into consideration – the risk of taking a little time off – to the risk of not enjoying your family.

Life is short. Last summer we spent time with my aunt and uncle with whom I've always been close. This year, they are both dying slowly at the same time and I am so grateful I had the time with them last year to stay connected.

I've always been a family girl. I'm independent to a degree, but I love having a close-knit family. My siblings and I always call each other on our birthdays and we try and get together every year in spite of the long distance between us. And next to my husband, my kids are the most important people in my life. Without them, I would not have learned as much about life as I have had the privilege to learn. We are very close and at this point in time, I'm so lucky we all live in the same city.

I'm not asking you to sit quietly this time and say "Family First". You already know this mantra in your heart. What I'm asking you to do is remember the importance of spending time with your family and to enjoy the short time you have together bonded in love and relationship. Allow yourself to enjoy TIME and give up on the idea that you have to be tied to work 24/7. 

Self-Care Tip: Here's a Bring Me Bliss idea >>> Plan a special family trip – one that you haven't done before and one you're not likely to do again. You will never regret the time spent with those you love dearly.