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lisa and her daughter lauren

Me and my daughter Lauren

My story goes back to the mid-90s…

when I was a stay-at-home mom and focusing on taking care of my family. This has been the greatest joy of my life.  But I was always ambitious as a stay-at-home mother and wanted to keep my fingers on the pulse of business, community and commerce. My previous career had been in advertising and I missed the creativity and camaraderie that went along with working in the business world. I got involved in a network marketing company not having any idea what it meant (other than my knowledge of Amway) and stayed with that company for about 6 years. During that time I experienced residual income – the kind that keeps paying you over and over again from the work you do one time. I was hooked on that idea, but the company folded after 6 years and after a short stint with another company, I decided to quit network marketing altogether. I also had experienced a lot of personal growth and development from my years in network marketing and had developed skills that I was able to use in other areas of my life.

lisa_4In 2001 I fell in love with the practice of yoga. It changed my life in so many ways and I felt called to teach after only a year of practice. In 2003 I received my teaching certificate and have been teaching ever since. Yoga is a great passion of mine and what I love about it, is it’s ability to transform us into better beings and assist us in reaching our fullest potential.

In 2011, a fellow yoga teacher introduced me to doTERRA essential oils. I didn’t know anything about oils, but once I bought a kit and started using them, I became completely intrigued. My family started to benefit from the oils and I remember thinking…”I’m going to make this my new hobby.”  Honestly, I was not interested in selling oils or joining another network marketing company, but I was spending money on them and decided to find a way to pay for them. I then held a class at my home and after several people bought the Family Essentials Kit, I realized that there was a big demand for these oils.

doTERRA Family Essentials Kit

Then my marketing and advertising skills were rekindled and I decided to build a team of distributors because that way, I could positively affect thousands of people versus just a few. Plus, I have big dreams of retiring my husband and continuing my work as a healer. I think network marketing is a fabulous way to create a pipeline of income and use it to create the life you were meant to live – serving people as you are gifted to serve.

As my doTERRA family tree has continued to grow over the years, I have created a stream of income that enters my bank account every month. The main investment in this business comes in the form of time. Time learning, inviting, sharing and mentoring those who also want to build. That’s the beauty of this business…you can only be successful if you help other people get what they want and need.

doterra_loveMy main focus is on people. I LOVE getting to know people being the social animal I am. I love hearing their stories and I enjoy connecting like-minded people to each other as well. As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, I am most interested in people enjoying better health, being empowered to take care of themselves and their families with limited medical intervention and helping them achieve their personal goals. Like yoga teaching, this is a labor of love.

If you are interested in essential oils, I recommend attending a class, reading about them, but most importantly, buying some and using them. Then you can see if they enhance your life. If they do, then you can learn more, experience more and maybe even share what you have learned and know what works for you.

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