Fulfill Your Dreams!

Do you have a dream to own a business?

Would a business provide you the joy and satisfaction you are craving?  What kind of business do you dream of having? Have you done any research or planning for having a business?

My business experience is in a few different areas.

I am in the business of yoga through my offering of workshops, special events and private yoga sessions.

I am in the business of direct sales and network marketing, specifically through dōTERRA International. Here I help people develop the skills necessary to be successful in direct sales and team building for long-term residual income.

I am in the business of coaching mind/body and other professionals in developing small-scale marketing plans for the individual business person.  I help small businesses with branding, target audience, web development and social media.

If you need help in any of these areas, please CONTACT ME directly through this website and I will get in touch with you for a FREE 15 minute consultation.