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Bring Me Bliss is a Self-Care and Healthy Living blog where you can come for information, resources, inspiration and products that will enhance your entire life.

Bring Me Bliss is about renewal – in body, mind and spirit.

Too often we neglect our well-being and end up sick and in distress. I want to help women get in touch with their inner beauty and love themselves through healthy living tools. There is so much we can do to create a lifestyle of good health and well-being.

Why Bring Me Bliss?

The tools that I use for healthy living – yoga, meditation, essential oils and integrative medicine all work together to bring me bliss.  I especially feel bliss when I’m in a yoga class or dousing myself with therapeutic essential oils.  Bliss means utter joy and contentment.  I believe we can all have more bliss if we want it, and it’s my vision to help more women experience more!

More ideas, more information and more products to enhance your life.

I have a very JOYFUL spirit through the daily rituals I call my life

I wasn’t always Blissful, but grew into it through my spiritual, physical and intellectual work.  Plus, I’m a married woman of 30+ years with two awesome grown children and I have been fairly successful at life. Mainly, I’ve developed some skills that have effectively brought me what I need and want in life and I want to share this successful bliss with others.

Self-Care is the process of doing what’s necessary to live well, sleep well, eat well, work well, move well and play well – ALL because you CARE about yourself and want to feel your best. It’s also about being empowered to manage your day-to-day health through a healthy lifestyle and becoming your best in mind, body and spirit so you can enjoy life!

My name is Lisa Kneller and I am the founder and owner of Bring Me Bliss.  As a yoga teacher for 13 years (one of my great passions), I encourage and teach people how to become their best selves. It’s my purpose in life to be the conduit for excellent information and products that help women such as yourself.

I want to connect with women who want to be excited about life and live well. My platform is one that includes highlighting women who have the gift of bringing bliss to others with their work or who have managed to bring bliss into their own lives through some kind of self-care work.

A Little More About Me…
lisa and her daughter laurenThis is my daughter and me.  I am really blessed to spend a lot of time around her. We are the best of friends.

She earned her masters in counseling and is now employed as a therapist. She also teaches violin to young students in the Phoenix area and is very involved in church ministry.  I’m a proud mama.  My son is the one taking a picture of himself and my daughter.  He graduated from college with a degree in Digital Film Production and is working for a marketing and videography firm in Phoenix.



Michael and Lauren

lisa kneller yoga teacher




As a yoga teacher, I am interested in helping others achieve the greatest possible potential in mind, body and spirit.  I believe in exercising, meditating, praying, serving, eating healthy, enjoying great company and spending time in nature.

Ideas are what helps people move forward in life. We share ideas and information and offer YOU ways to gain more peace, joy and satisfaction in life. Enjoy Bring Me Bliss. Bookmark this site and come back often. Let me know what kind of information you are looking for by Contacting Me!