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Inspirations // Stress Free Christmas

25 Days to a Stress Free Christmas

Day 1 – Remember the Reason for the Season!

The holiday season is about celebrating the birth of the Savior. You know the story…a baby is born from a virgin womb and is called Emmanuel (God with us). Jesus brings the good news that God is with us and that there is a place called heaven that He is preparing for us. He gives us hope for a decent life on earth and a reunion in heaven. He understands suffering. He is love. (That’s the short version!)

This holiday season, you can enjoy each and every day knowing that God is with you. This should give you a peace in your mind and bring joy to your heart. If this isn’t in your belief system, you can still find meaning this month by being present in mind, body and spirit and practicing gratitude for all the good things in your life. Enjoy this month!

Day 2 – Practice deep breathing.

You will need this skill as you enter into acute bouts of stress. Place your hands around your rib cage. Breathe deep through the nose (not a sniff) so that you feel the ribs move out as you inhale. Open your mouth and let out a nice big sigh. Do this a minimum of 5 times in a row. [READ MORE]

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