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One Egg Pancake Breakfast

Recipe of the Week!

This is a hearty little breakfast for those needing some good protein and healthy eating before heading out the door.  

*One free-range egg, whisked and sauteed in a small pan with a tiny bit of avocado oil

*Chopped, cooked broccoli reheated

*Sprinkle Cheese (optional)

*3 Dashes Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce (or your favorite – optional)

Pan fry the whisked egg on one side until almost firm; then flip and lightly cook other side.  Add reheated broccoli, cheese and hot sauce and serve!  Add a side dish of fruit and a cup of coffee and you're good to go!

Alternate healthy toppings:

*Cooked black beans

*Chopped, cooked peppers, onions or other veggies such as yellow squash or zucchini

*Red or Green Salsa

*Chopped avocado

*Chopped cooked sweet potato

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